A Guide To Buy A New Car In UAE


Buying a car is such a difficult task. However, the vehicle is an essential need for every second person. In the progressed cities, luxury cars are more valuable. Are you living in the UAE? Are you planning to buy a new car? Then you are at the right place.

Buying a car is a strong process. But this blog helps to make this process easy for you. There are a lot of brands available in the market of UAE. You need to go with a budget-friendly and valuable vehicle. So let’s pick up your match. 

Top 5 Best New Cars To Buy In UAE 2024

First of all, set up your plan according to your budget. After that, focus on the value and reliability. UAE offers you high-level as well as reliable vehicles. The fact is that the UAE provides you with inexpensive and luxury cars other than around the world. 

Moreover, here is a list of the best five cars to buy in the UAE;


  1. Toyota Yaris

If you want to run a smart car, it is incredibly reliable. Toyota Yaris is a reliable, luxurious, and valuable vehicle in the UAE. It has beautiful looks inside and outside.

 Moreover, the Toyota Yaris is a more fuel-efficient car. It has rare and comfortable seats. It proves to be excellent for long drives with your family. Toyota Yaris may be a good option for you. 

Price: you can get this new car starting from 63k AED.

  1. Nissan Sunny 

Nissan Sunny is another best choice for you. It is incredibly reliable with good performance. It is perfect for five family members. You can get comfortable seats with a luxury interior. 

Fuel type is another Major factor. Nissan has lifespan fuel efficiency. It is generally considered high valuable car. 

Price: You can get this new car starting from 55k AED.

  1. Hyundai Accent 

Hyundai Accent is also well-reputed. If you want a compact vehicle then Hyundai Accent is a reliable choice. It is one of the brands dependable and high raking.

 Moreover, its luxury features are mind-blowing. It comes with a 120-hp four-cylinder engine. Hyundai is one of the least expensive cars with excellent performance. 

Price: You can get this new car starting from 55k AED. 

  1. Kia Rio 

RIO is the most reliable and budget-friendly model of KIA. KIA upgrades its fuel efficiency level. One of the most Important things is that repair costs are low. According to a survey, the KIA RIO model is more reliable than Toyota.

 These models have smooth transmission and simple controls. Moreover, you can visit the official site to facilitate with all the benefits. 

Price: You can get this car model starting from 49k AED. 

  1. Hyundai Grand 10i 

Hyundai Grand 10i is another best model for you. It is very beneficial for 4 people to use. It has excellent driving performance. You can get a beautiful interior with high-cooling AC.

It is a very fuel-efficient car. It uses 5-9 litters per 100km. You will cost very low or reasonable for service and maintenance. Moreover, you get the impressively comfortable seats. 

Price: You can get this car model starting from 39k AED. 

What Is The Process of Buying A Brand New Car In UAE?

The process of buying a brand-new car in the UAE is flawless. Keep avoiding getting scammed. Everything must be original. Your money is worth your plans. So keep the following documents along you while buying a new car;

  1. A current UAE Visa

Your current residency in UAE matters everywhere. Your visa is mandatory for buying vehicles in the UAE. It would help if you had the original and copy of your UAE Visa along with you.

  1. UAE Resident ID

Your up-to-date resident I’d card in UAE is most important. You won’t get your automobile without having a UAE I’d card. So make sure to prepare this essential document. 

  1. UAE Driving License

Driving License from GCC is compulsory for driving in UAE. You must have the authority to drive perfectly fine. Moreover, your driving license must be valid. 

  1. Car Insurance Documents

It is obligatory to ensure your car before getting out of the showroom. Make sure to insure your car and then enjoy its journey.

  1. Passport Copy

When buying a new car in UAE, it is also compulsory to have a passport Copy. You need to provide your passport Copy to the owner as well. 

These are common and important documents you need to get a new brand car. So make sure to get and provide original documents. 

How To Register A New Car In UAE?

After buying a car, make sure to register it in UAE. It is the most common thing as well as necessary. It only takes 20 minutes to register a new car in UAE. However, its starting cost is 420 AED.

Moreover, these documents are required for registration of the new vehicle:

  • Your valid residency Visa 
  • Employment proof in UAE
  • Traffic files
  • Original ID card
  • Your passport Copy
  • UAE customs card
  • Sale agreement between buyer and seller 
  • Car’s insurance certificate

So these are the requirements to register your car. So don’t be late.

Bottom Line

Hopefully, you understand the whole process of buying a car in UAE. The best thing is that all the vehicles are expensive and luxurious. 

So let’s buy your dream car without losing your money.

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