A Guide To Buy A Used Car In UAE


The car is a chief vehicle in progressed cities. It is the need of every second person. Buying a car or used car may be challenging for newcomers. UAE is such a progressive area. Are you living in UAE, Abu Dhabi, or Dubai? Do you want to buy a used car in the UAE? Then you are at the right place. 

This guide is best for newcomers. You will probably get a clear idea and pick your plans. Don’t get scam as well as waste your money. So, read this content. Here Is everything you should know. Let’s start.

Top 5 Tips To Buy A Used Car In UAE

It is tough to secure your money. On the other hand, safe vehicles are also available in the market. You only need to keep an eye on everything. 

So follow these simple steps to buy a second-hand car in UAE, Abu Dhabi, or Dubai.

  1. Decide Your Plans

First of all, decide your plan for buying a used car according to your budget. Then, decide on the vehicle type or model. In UAE, there are two types of cars available in the market. One is imported from the USA, the second is its model.

So let’s decide what to buy. A pre-owned car is more valuable and less expensive than a new car.

  1. Pick Your Plan Through Official Website

Everything is available under your fingerprints. Although, every brand has its official sites on Google. You should check out all the details through the website.

One thing to remember is the chassis number of the car. It is the identification number of the vehicle. If you put the chassis number, you can get a history of the vehicle. You get details about the car’s specifications. That makes your plan more easy. 

  1. Checkout Car’s Age And Warranty

Determine the car’s age and warranty. Usually, a five-year warranty is available for new vehicles. According to this, check out the car’s age under five to seven years. It will be safe enough. 

Warranty health is a better option for you. You can recover certain parts of the engine in case of damage. So make sure to get this chance. 

  1. Condition And Maintenance

The car’s condition and maintenance matter a lot here. You are paying the money for facilities to avail. However, a good-condition car is worth it. 

You must check out the interior and exterior of the car. Check its body, seats, paint, and electronics. Make sure to have no mechanical faults in the vehicle. A used car with good maintenance and condition makes your journey safe and easy.

 5.Must Visit To RTA

There are a lot of RTA in UAE. Some are public and others private. This sector helps you to check your car deeply. You should check out your car by RTA.

At this point, you must ask for a comprehensive test of the vehicles. It is a much better option. 

In this process, a computerized system is attached to the vehicle. That perfectly shows all the errors and faults. This process will cost you 300-400 Dirhams. If you agree with the report, then go ahead and make a deal.

Best 7 Steps To Check For Buying A Used Car In UAE

Keep following these quick steps to get a good second-hand car in UAE. 

1. Consistent Maintenance and service records

2. Authenticity of the car

3. Check out the interior and exterior of the car

4. Check out wherever there is any body damage issue

5. Checkout all the mechanical faults

6. Make sure to research the chassis number of the car

7. Checkout mileages

Top 3 Used Cars to Buy In UAE

Love for cars is natural among the people of UAE. Although, there is no shortage in the car market. This blog post helps you to decide the perfect match. Make sure to read the following list of the top 5 best-used cars in UAE.

  1. Toyota

Toyota is one of the most well-known car brands. Toyota cars are very reliable and trustworthy. It is worth your money. It is the best choice if you are looking for a reliable model. Moreover, here is a short list of its used models and prices;

  • Toyota Yaris under 25_35k AED
  • Toyota Camry under 50_75k AED
  • Toyota Corolla under 35_55k AED
  • Toyota Fortuner under 70_90k AED
  • Toyota Land Cruiser Prado under 100-150k AED
  1. Nissan

Nissan car is one of the most comfortable and fuel-efficient cars. If you can afford its budget, then it is the best choice for you as well. It is a spacious vehicle for your family.

Moreover, here is a short list of its used models and prices;

  • Nisan Altima under 25_45k AED
  • Nissan Sunny under 22_35k AED
  • Nissan Kicks under 44_55k AED


  1. Hyundai

Hyundai cars are budget-friendly for you. These are also reliable and stylish as well. These cars also have reliable performances. It is a good deal for your comfort journey. 

However, here is a list of used models and prices;

  • Hyundai Accent under 20_35k AED
  • Hyundai Sonata under 35_50k AED
  • Hyundai Elantra under 25_40k AED
  • Hyundai Creta under 35_50k AED

Bottom Line

Hopefully, you get the idea of buying a used car in the UAE. Although pre-owned cars give great value. You need to avail all the certificates and original documents. Afterwards, you can avail a good opportunity. Never go beyond your budget plans. 

So let’s pick your idea and enjoy the journey.

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