Best Cars For Desert Driving In UAE


Car’s love among UAE people is very natural. People are crazy about having the best and perfect model. However, desert driving is another level of joy for UAE people. There is also a race competition held in the desert of UAE. That’s why people need the best car models. 

Do you have a residence in UAE? Do you want to buy the best car for desert driving? Then stay here to get a quick overview. This content guides you to purchase a perfect sand car. So let’s explore this in details 

Top 5 Best Desert Driving Cars In UAE 

There is a big difference between a car and a desert car. So keep in mind all the basics. Here is a list of the top five best sand cars in UAE. 

  1. Rolls Royce Cars

There are five models of Rolls Royce available in the UAE. These models are 2 Coupe, 2 Sedan and one SUVs. These are characteristics of Rolls Royce Cars:

  • It has aero and high-speed engine quality.
  • It is a chief work of art with excellent performance and many safety features.
  • It has a strong balance sheet.
  • Rolls Royce Cars have zero imperfection in the interior and exterior.
  • It provides comfortable and smooth driving in desert areas.

Price. The starting worth of a Rolls Royce Car is one million AED.

  1. Jeep Wrangler 

The Jeep Wrangler is another best car for desert driving. This vehicle is simple at its core. It has a middle size with four seats. It is one of the best SUVs. These are some characteristics:


  • It has stylish and sleek designs. 
  • It has the best-rugged design with the best off-road capabilities. 
  • It has features of a removable door and roof for a fun ride.
  • It gives you a better experience for rock areas. 
  • It is the most fuel-efficient car with 49 MPGe.

Price. The starting worth of the Jeep Wrangler is 80K AED.

  1. Mercedes Benz G-Class 

Mercedes Benz G-Class is another masterpiece for desert driving. It is a highly demanded car in the UAE. It gives you a luxurious outlook even in sand areas.  As, expensive and never gets dirty. 

However, these are a few characteristics:

  • Mercedes Benz G-Class has a superior V12 engine. 
  • It has an electronically limited speed of 220 mph.
  • It is a seater with a boxy shape. 
  • It gives you 100% safety features. 
  • It is plenty capable of off-road driving. 

Price. The starting worth of the Mercedes Benz G-Class is 93K AED.

  1. Pajero 

Pajero is another level of joy for desert driving. It is a very reliable and stylish rugged car. It is an undeniable choice for the UAE people. There are six variants of Pajero. Every model is worthy. Moreover, these are a few characteristics:

  • Pajero is very comfortable for long drives in cities or sand areas. 
  • Pajero has a remarkably efficient diesel engine.
  • Its impressive engine is best for adventure trips. 
  • Its remarkable speed is 190km/h.
  • Pajero is the king of the desert due to its luxurious looks and excellent performance.

Price. The starting worth of Pajero is 115,000 AED. 

  1. Nissan Patrol 

Nissan Patrol is one of the best choices for desert driving in UAE. It is a very well-known brand among UAE people. However, it defeats competitors for race, looks, and performance. These are a few characteristics:

  • Nissan Patrol is the best and most luxurious full-size SUV car in UAE. 
  • It has a V8 petrol engine with eight comfortable seats. 
  • It is powerful enough to deliver up to 400 horsepower. 
  • Nissan Patrol has great off-road capabilities and reliability. 
  • The top speed of Nissan Patrol is almost 210 km/h.

Price. The starting worth of Nissan Patrol is 2 lac AED.

Bottom Line 

Hopefully, you are aware of the best cars for desert driving. There is a grand space of desert area in UAE. People move there for a trip or adventure. That’s why they prefer off-road cars to have a great ride.

So let’s decide your plan and enjoy the journey of the desert. 

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